Wlan on Thinkpad

I have installed my first Haiku on my Lapop yesterday (On a Thinkpad X201).

Currently I am trying to get familiar with the System, and idt functionality but I have alreade trouble with getting the WLAN to work.

I have tried all the good ideas from the website but it does not bring me any further.
Can somebody give me a hint how to get WLAN to Work.
(Normal cable LAN connetion works fine).

Also I do not have any Sound. It look like the sound-functionality is there (volume Control etc) but the Laptop is silent.

Looking forward to your answer.


Welcome, Andreas!

The first thing to find out is what is the exact hardware built into your system. From Terminal, a listdev will print out every device. Note down your wireless and sound vendor and id.

Haiku supports pretty much all wireless cards that FreeBSD 12 does (aside USB dongles). Websearch your devices “id” and “FreeBSD” to find out if it should work. If FreeBSD doesn’t, Haiku probably doesn’t either.

Sound chipsets are difficult, because there are just so many variations.
If you file a ticket at the bugtracker with a syslog etc. attached, some dev may have a clue what’s going wrong and fix it.

See the Welcome docs for more information on bugreporting.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, try a nightly image instead of the beta1, because there have been many changes that may have solved your issues already.


Thank you for your answer,

I did the Listdev

the wireles contoller is the Realtec RTL8191SEvB.

Vendor and Device ID would be helpful, i think.

There is already a ticket about that: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/8023

FreeBSD doesn’t support this chipset either, so it will probably be a while before we do.