Wireless hardware unavailable after shutdown/killing network settings window

I have Haiku installed for a half an hour, and I manage to break it. I’m running it on my Asus eee 1000ha (for anybody else who has fixed this), with the Atheros AR5001 wireless chipset. I managed to connect to the internet before, on the USB drive, and on my HD install (setwep hardware essid passkey), and select the hardware, and then ping Google from the command line with no problems.

I tried to set my internet connection type to DHCP with the same hardware using the Network settings tool in the menu (like every other OS/device that supports it on my network), and the program froze up, so I shut down, ultimately killing the program (I can’t find the name of the program, so I can’t type kill program).

It does connect, and only screwed up after killing the network device setup menu (my ethernet port still shows up). So… Short of reinstalling, what do I do?

NOTE: I can still connect via my ethernet port. I’m editing from it right now.

EDIT Problem sorted itself out after connecting via ethernet port. The only issue I have now is my wireless not connecting, but I’ll read the docs and get around to fixing that.

Hi, how did you manage to connect to wireless network? I have Acer 751 with the same Atheros AR5001 on board, but i did not see any network devices in network app.

I apologize if I can’t help too much, everything sort of fell into place. Check if your network devices are there with ls /dev/net . Make sure you can actually connect to the internet via ethernet port, first. Check for /dev/net/atheroswifi/0 in your Network app on the dropdown menu, or use a terminal and ls /dev/net, on Mode, select Static, and then click on Apply. Assuming you’re using WEP encryption, in the terminal, type setwep ESSID 0xWepKey .