Wireless doesn't work after SSID change

I changed the SSID of my wireless and updated the password. Now I can’t use wireless in Haiku. What happens is… now I have my wireless network listed twice using the new SSID name. They both look completely identical when listed. It doesn’t matter what which one I select. I just get “no link” I don’t get any message, no errors just “no link” in the deskbar applet. I have been trying to get Haiku to give me the wireless login dialog box. But nothing. It just will not display the dialog at all. Going into Network Prefs does not help. After opening Network Prefs I am unable to close the app after. So, in short… How the heck do I get Haiku to “forget” any previous wireless network login data so I can redo it?

Best create a ticket. Anyone trying to help will need the bare minimum of information: Haiku revision and syslog.

I don’t have my Haiku computer with me, but you want to delete the credentials from the keychain, to do that you should use the keystore command in the terminal. You can list the different keychain, i suppose it is in the wpa_supplicant keychain, list its items and delete it. You have to consult with the keystore command help in the terminal, i don’t think there is any tutorial for that, and there is no gui for it.

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This looks like a problem I have with my installation, after the OpenBSD drivers. Take a look at ticket #17820.

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@humdinger , @extrowerk

Thanks both of you. I will check out both of these. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya, I tried the keystore thing and then I just downloaded a nightly image and tried it. I get the same thing with the nightly image. So, it must be something that is going on with all the changes being made to the wireless drivers right now.