Wine and Xorg

Yes i am finally done. My wine+X port is not only able to run MS office programs but also almost anything that runs under wine in linux. It is indeed slow due to the monocode. But i am looking for beta testers that are not asshats and demand things. Take it or leave it kind of persons, that contribute fault messages and care about the OS.

Much love: Judgen

does this mean that you also ported Xorg? or just wine? i’m confused honestly.

If you only ported wine only then you have my best thank you.

If you ported xorg then i’m sorry to say that isn’t a good idea.

as i said i’m confused.

Please note: If he has done both then he is a small god, that is a lot of work to do.

Don’t mess with even small gods. :slight_smile:

Screenshots? Source code?

You’ll get more (genuine) beta testers if you provide some proof of your amazing feat

i mean no disrespect but i fail to understand the usefulness of having Xorg ported. (it’s a huge mess) Wayland would have been a better candidate instead.

xorg was once ported, but the last time i tried the haikuporter, not everything was compiling.

So, if you think you know how to build everything, and to make the patches, then the next step is to go to and write a .bep file. So that everything can be built automatically with haikuporter.

i’m not trying to start an apocalyptic never ending flamewar or trolling, just trying to understand what judgen did about xorg. just read my first post, if you fail to understand my post then maybe you should ask me, instead of being rude.

:slight_smile: i dont know, but I dont see who was rude to you:-) , since nobody answered to you, or said something related to your post :-).

I just gave the autor of the xorg port, the advice, to make his ports more perfect, and write an .bep file, so that it can be used by haikuporter. :slight_smile:
Because once you know all the steps in building manually xorg, you can make a .bep file to make all that work automatically.

How you can interpret this as an offence, I have no idea :-))

Congratulations Judgen, that’s no small feat by any standard. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

Post it to github.

It is indeed slow due to the monocode.

Obvious troll is obvious. This ‘asshat’ obviously has not the slightest idea what he’s talking about. ‘Monocode’? Seriously? What’s that even supposed to mean? X, wine, Mono, what now?

Indeed… Wine does include mono if you build it however it isn’t built on top of it. That would be absurd. Also… there is the Xsdl port… thats the only one I know of.

And then we have this link :slight_smile:

why the build with gcc-2.95? probably no wonder its crashing. should be easy to switch to gcc4 though.

Originally Wine was not copylefted. In real terms that was a long time ago, but in BeOS terms the world has stood still for over a decade, so the Wine license change is practically yesterday in those terms.

So an MIT licensed Wine is a pretty old vintage, maybe a classic but more likely just full of old bugs.

Wine’s license changed because (although the BSD fans will often say otherwise) commercial licensors never gave anything back, they’d just paste in the Wine code, maybe make a few empty promises, and that was that. So it is now LGPL and a commercial distributor has to give some quid pro quo or potentially face a crippling lawsuit or even jailtime for copyright infringement.

Don’t know but gcc4 would probably work better :slight_smile:

Screenshots will be available soon, it is NOT and have never been anything but a commercial endevour All code is MIT. I have worked on this since 2001, my initial offer will be at 0.1Eur later on it will cost 10eur. Nothing more nothing less.

and no there is no possible way to run the software on a gcc2 system.

Awesome. A successful commercial product would be a great boom for Haiku development. Looking forward to those screenshots.

Any apps in particular that you want screenshots of? The bin’s are available on the very temporary host You could make your own. But MS office and adobe photoshop 5.5>7.0 is tried and works