Wine and a Wineskin type native app for Haiku

I would like to suggest that Haiku endeavour to include a compatibility layer in the form of Wineskin like app. Wineskin has been a boon for OSX and GNU/Linux.

Any thoughts?

And why we will include this crapware to OS?

There used to be a wine app for BeOS. The problem was that it relied on X11, so you had one unfinished, unstable port sitting on top of another unstable, unfinished port. Not only does that give a lot of scope for things to go wrong, but it also slowed computers down to a crawl.

You can run ReactOS in QEMU, though.

There are notes on the wine wiki about attempts to port Wine to Haiku. This includes a list of missing features in Haiku as well as other problems: .

Our main interest on Haiku side is to run our own native applications. If you are interested in running Windows software, the ReactOS project may be a better choice.

@PulkoMandy Unfortunately ReactOS is a complete joke… it doesn’t even run in a stable manner in a VM. Anyone wishing to run Windows software should run Windows, or if they really hate MS for some reason, Linux, FreeBSD or MacOS with wine.

As far as that goes there are more applications you can run with Wine than with ReactOS simply because ReactOS will bluescreen before you can even finish running the installer on most software.