Windowshade feature?

Wow…I’m am user from the old BeOS R3 days in the mid 1990’s (loved it then) and I was absoluteley thrilled (to tears) when I fired up the Haiku.vmx today. Haiku is without a doubt the finest operating system I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Anyways, it seems I remember that back then that I could double click on a window tab and have it roll up the window (“windowshade”) leaving the tab showing in place on the desktop. Now that same action minimizes the window to the tracker, which I suppose is probably better in the long run, but I still miss the old way.

Am I remembering it right, and if so, any way to implement the feature?

Massive kudos to all of you who must have toiled thanklessly over the past 10+ years for a job well done!

Welcome (back), Will!
I think you misremember the rolling-up thing. IIRC, that MACish behaviour only worked when using the MAC easter-egg theme. Under the “real” BeOS GUI, double clicking always minimized a window. I don’t know if a later theme manager will also be able to modify bahaviour in such a way or if that will only deal with looks. Personally, I don’t miss this feature. I’d always obscure these rolled-up windows with other other running apps and would turn to the Deskbar after all.

And IIARC, windowshade was for colouring tabs, menus, window frames etc. Basically what the “Appearance” preference of Haiku does/will do.

Also, even if it starts to feel like 10+ years, the project isn’t even 8 years old. :slight_smile:

Thanks. At the end of the day minimizing it to the Deskbar is a better solution anyways :wink:

Anyways, it’s great to see Haiku coming along so nicely. Keep up the good work!