Windows should snap to edges or other windows

(an editor please delete this post, because it’s in feature request as well. it should have been a feature but i thought the feature request is the suggestion box. :?. sorry i’m new)

children should snap to the parrent.

the best example is the same way winamp works. when you drag the playlist you can move it around, but close to the main window it snaps to it. when you move the main window, you move the playlist as well. this feature would give me much relief from the need to arrange windows so that they look good.

all windows should snap to the edges. not only that, but do not allow windows to go outside the screen, they should snap back, resize is needed.

and optionally program snap between themselves. this is probably not very important. but some people might like it.

the snapping feature be supported natively. that is, is part of the gui, not part of the programs.

i hope you people would like the idea :slight_smile:
i just hope i would not need to arrange windows too much.

I don’t think that too many BeOS programs have children windows. I do like having the option for snappy windows though.

(i should have posted this in feature request. i did actually, but i needed to have it deleted from here. both this and the other with deskbar hiding.)

but to answer your answer

the graphing tool has children windows (about 2). when you open another terminal i think it behaves as a children to terminal program.
all option windows are children.

the mediaplayer has the playlist as a children.

the children have smaller tabs, sometimes and the main windows has bolded and larger font on a bit bigger tabs. now depends. the calculator has small tabs and no children windows.

you may see the children windows using that cool replicant that sees what all programs are doing. i forgot the name. it shows bars and the memory usage for all programs and their children. they are called teams. and teams have many threads, but sometimes they have children windows.