Windows should become active/inactive at mouse releases

Too many times I need to drag something on a window that dissappears if i try to click on another larger window underneath (in Windows XP).

| [ ] item0
| [ ] item1
| [ ] item2
| [ ] it[window2]__
| [ ] it|
| [ ] it|__________
| [ ]item6

If i try to drag something from window1 to window2, the window1 becomes active, and windows2 becomes inactive and goes under window1. Therefore when I grab the item, the window i want to drop the items goes away. So I have to go back and move window2 somewhere else and try to drag and drop.

To solve this the windows should become active/inactive at mouse releases NOT mouse clicks.

Also, related to this. If there is a mouse release, but on the same window, then window remains inactive, even if i have clicked someplace else outside the window.

[edit] I’ve tested this in Zeta and it seem to do it diffrently, but works. I’m not shure if BeOS does the same thing. In Zeta, if I drag something no window dissappears but waits to see on which I want to drop. And the window on which I drop the item becomes active and the rest inactive.