Windows 8 desktop UI

another MS vid – introducing Windows 8 new desktop UI:

Wow. That is terrible.

I guess people who stare at their cell phone all day long will like this. I hate it.

If I get stuck with a Windows 8 machine at some point in the future, I hope that there’s an option to use a “classic” UI and not this dumbed-down “playskool” interface.

And I just now came across this article on OSNews:


I pretty much hate the Metro UI. The desktop interface is not broken and does not need to be replaced. At least not for me. But maybe I’m a dying breed – a dinosaur.

Metro and the classic mode will coexist… in windows 8 each runs in a separate VM.

Also Metro is geared toward tablets from what I understand. For Haiku R2 it should probably be considered how to make apps operate well on both tablet and classic interfaces without lots of rewriting code. By that I mean buttons shuold be finger friendly in tablet mode and out of the way in desktop mode… and so on.

Haiku can already do a tablet interface most likely… BeIA had one already back in the day.

Use the program ViStart and windows 8 becomes an awesome environment to use.

I dont understand the sense of coming and complaining on haiku forums about windows 8.

I guess it’s because, we have not many news about haiku itself :P, sadly :P.

We could also use the criticisms of other OS to make sure we don’t make their same mistakes. I sure that no one wants Haiku to follow windows or any os, so we’re safe there

you dont need to worry about that, haiku is at the moment somehow in quasi-stagnation. (it makes some progress but not as it used to do, and not as visible as it used to be).
And if you complain now/today about the metro interface, it doesnt affect haiku, since I guess till haiku will upgrade it’s user interface, metro will be already old fashion.

And if you complain now/today about the metro interface, it doesnt affect haiku, since I guess till haiku will upgrade it’s user interface, metro will be already old fashion.[/quote]
Funny how the styles go in circles. Windows ui used to be flat like Haiku, they switched to luna, then aero to show off the the graphics abilities. Maybe when Haiku get to be well-known, the flat 90’s look will be in style again :slight_smile:

From a ‘popular design’ and ‘usability’ standpoint, Windows 7 was the only good thing MS ever did… Anything before had a boring, mind numbing UI, and the new ‘Metro’ style, as already stated: is for those who like to stare at their Windows phones all day. Updating tiles are fine and dandy for a smartphone, but have no place in a full-fledged OS… Currently, Haiku shows off a stylish UI which in my opinion is a fusion of old and new, which won’t be outdated anytime soon.

Windows 8 is a fucking piece of crap thanks to the GUI and UEFI boot. Fuck them I want my BIOS thank you and hopefully some one will port KDE and Trintiy to Haiku.

If you absolutely want KDE, Trinity or other Desktop Environment, you better stick with your favorite Linux distro, especially now that it’s slowly going away from Xserver to something a little more responsive.

Haiku isn’t that optimized for switching all sorts of WMs and DEs like *nix. Of course you could try, but quite frankly I doubt it even makes sense, since Haiku is leaning towards KISS OS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) philosophy. I’d imagine in final form it’s a mix of healthy ideas of classic Mac OS, OS X and Linux, embracing only the good parts of them. Well, at least that’s the perfect idea.