Windows 7 trying to fix Haiku partition

Has anyone else put Haiku and Windows 7 on the same drive ?
And if so, did Windows try to fix the Haiku partition without even asking ?

I got 7 installed, and after the last reboot, it just went ahead and jacked up my Haiku partition with out even asking. It called it a NTFS partition, and then fixed what it said was hundreds of errors

G.D. freakin Gates and everyone else from M$. It took forever to get Haiku running just the way I wanted it

If anyone else has had this problem, or knows a way around it. You might want to post what you know before someone else get their drive washed by M$

I’m guessing it gave the screen, where it asked if I wanted to bypass the testing. I wasn’t keeping an eye on it. I walked in to see a huge list of errors on the screen, And Windows 7 saying it was fixing them all

I guess all I can do now, is reinstall XP so I can run some disk utilities and see what the damage is

I have in my HD with GRUB

Windows 7
Haiku (always the latest version)
Ubuntu 10.04 (for build Haiku)

and never saw anything like that

I’m pretty sure, your file-system (a BFS formated partition) is not consistent with your partition-type (NTFS) in the MBR and when Seven try to access the volume, it detects the inconsistence and it tries to fix it.

The partition type should be “EB” in the MBR

Before installing Haiku, You should change the partition type.
You can do it with Linux’s fdisk or cfdisk (a Linux live CD is convenient).

NB : under Linux, select “BeFS” (Be File-System) not “BFS” (Boot File-System) for the partition type.

Not sure if this is helpful but I have

windows 7
Linux Mint 9
Windows XP

all installed on the same system. I have had Haiku A1 and A2 installed and Windows 7 has so far (touch wood) left my haiku partition well alone. My best guess is that your partition table got corrupted or Windows got confused as to which partition was which.

Sorry I can’t help more

Thanks, Thats what I was thinking myself, that maybe it was a NTFS partition at one time, and when I installed Haiku on it, it never got changed in the MBR

Though, that makes me wonder why XP never had a problem with it. XP just called it an unknown disk, and didnt show anything

Windows 7, called it a NTFS partition, but read it as zero for everything

I installed Windows 7 on the partition XP was on, just formatted it, and then installed it clean, leaving my BeFS partiton untouched, until that final boot that is, when it went and started fixing it

Oh well, didnt care for Windows 7 anyway, I’ll be going back to XP and Haiku when I get a chance, Thanks for all your input

I’ve had problems with files written by haiku onto fat32 partitions that have been deleted in Windows. If I were you, I’d setup GRUB as a multi bootloader, and hide any Haiku-specific partitions from Windows. Partition Resize for Hard Drive Space on Windows System hi, it is easy ,if you read this article