Will haiku participate in GSoC 2019?

Does Haiku have any plans to apply for GSoC2019? I want to do some preparation.

Most probably, yes. Haiku applied for GCI every year and was accepted for most of them. If we’ll be in next year… who knows?
In any case, your contributions would be welcome with or without GSoC. Start sending those patches now. It can only improve your chances of being chosen as student… :slight_smile:


Thank you, I am already looking at Haiku’s kernel section.


Do you already have any plans what to do?

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Yes, I am preparing for x86-64: Support for 32 bit userland.


I believe that project is already (almost) done?
@korli could shed some light on this as he has been working on it recently.
But there are other low level tasks that could be of interest to you from the same page you linked.

  • USB Webcam or soundcard support - isochronous USB transfers

  • Multiple monitors output in app_server

  • Complex font rendering in app_server

  • UFS2 (as used in *BSD): FreeBSD implementation, u2fstools for windows (BSD licensed, source can be reused)


Really? I don’t seem to have heard of that…
Anyway, I will do more preparation.

We don’t have an ideas list up for GSoC 2019 yet. So yes, some ideas from the 2018 list have already been completed, some more will be until then, and maybe some will be thrown away. There will be new ideas too.