Will/Does Haiku Support Realtek Wi-Fi Drivers?


AM3+ has nothing to do with Intel… That’s the CPU socket and an AMD cpu socket at that.

If your board has pcie slots that’s what you need to know, if it was a custom build PC they should have given you at least a parts list and manuals when you bought it.

This is a 1x pcie slot card that will fit in any pcie slot 1 to 16x in length. If you connect the usb header you also get Bluetooth if you OS supports it. This is just one of the smaller cards in a pcie adapter I have one in my laptop of the same model and it does work with recent versions of haiku. Not it only works a n speech currently not ac as the driver hasn’t added ac support yet.


Looks great!, it even supports the 802.11ac standard. However at the bottom of the ad it states this: “This item don’t compatible AMD computer motherboards !!!!!” and it shows an image underneath as well. Not sure if that’s a typical AM3+ or AM4 motherboard though.


That’s probably just the Bluetooth part thato of it that is not compatible. Pcie is pcie…this card should work but you should be able to find one with an AMD compatible USB header also.


Would that be necessary for it to function well, or no?


Lets see if we can find one with the correct header.

This is also an option, you can buy this card and put an NGFF wifi card in it of whichever type you want.
Verify that your motherboard has an unused 9pin USB header internally also if you want bluetooth to work. It may work with the card you alrady have if it is NGFF/M.2 E-key but not if it is mini pcie(do you have a model number off of it?)

M.2 e key card
If not then this would fit it https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-KTTYN-Intel-Dual-Band-Wireless-AC-7260NGW-WLAN-Bluetooth-4-0-WiFi-Mini-Card/183050614760?hash=item2a9eaab7e8:g:O4IAAOSwoddac~Hc:rk:12:pf:0

Note if the card you have before is mpcie it’s larger and won’t work in the first adapter I linked there and you’ll need to buy the M.2 ekey card.

This is just to show the size difference , this is an M.2 e key to mpcie adapter:


Bluetooth isn’t very necessary for me, so I might be inclined to purchase the Intel card off of EBay. As long as it fits in my AM3+ motherboard and the Wi-Fi is working properly (hopefully faster as it is 802.11ac) I’d be happy. It’s one less thing to order and it should be all inclusive.


Note the USB header that comes with that card is Intel specific…

The reason I suggested the NGFF/M.2 adapter is it is easier to swap out if you find you don’t like the 7260 wifi card, to another model also upgradable to newer cards more cheaply. And it includes what should be the correct header for your AMD board though you should check some boards only have 4 or 5 pin headers. What you should find is a 7 pin header (2x8 with 1 pin missing as the key).


I see, so you believe this to be more compatible with my motherboard?. I suppose I will consider it then, thanks again.

If you find any other products that are all-inclusive and can support my motherboard, please let me know.


The reason I selected the 7260 is I know it works with Haiku from personal experience… however there may be cards that work better. For that you’d have to do a bit of research on the forum here. I didn’t want to steer your toward a card I had no personal experience with though. Note that in my experience the 7260 card works well, however it will disconnect occasionally… since it’s a well documented card its probably a bug in Haiku as it is a card that was recently added.

Also note its a very stable card in Windows/Linux for me with good throughput.


Whoa, I just checked the wireless card to PCI-e 1X adapter in Amazon Canada and it’s vastly overpriced, as usual. Any affordable options in Canadian funny money?.

I could take a gamble and buy something off EBay, but I would like to be sure. If the first product you showed me wouldn’t necessarily work well, that is.


That might be an option… just not it doesn’t come with the m.2 / NGFF wifi card which would be a separate purchase.


Ouch, in that case it might be too expensive. The original product you showed me would cost only $36 CDN, shipping included.

This puts me in an unfavorable position :frowning: . I will look into this further


How about this?: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/192691474856



That card is the Intel 8260 which isn’t supported even in FreeBSD-Current so that would be a not yet… they’ll likely add it in the future though. One thing that gives it away is the higher Mbps that it lists supporting.

Here’s a cheaper adapter on ebay.ca


If they’re going to support it in the near future that’s fine, I can wait as I would also get the added benefit of much better Wi-Fi speed even in Windows. My current one only supports up to 802.11n apparently.

That other adapter is definitely affordable, but do you know which Intel Wireless AC card it would support?. I would like something as new and as fast as possible.


Unless you have gigabit internet into your house it’s not really relevant unless you do a lot of of file transfers over LAN.

My 7260 does about 19MBps in Haiku or 150Mbps… so unless you have over 200mbps internet you won’t see much benefit.


I download very often, and my current adapter doesn’t even support the bandwidth I’m paying for which came as a huge shock to me. The VPN I use especially decreases internet speed, which I assume would be improved with a new adapter.

If Haiku will support that chipset in the near future, I think it’s a sound purchase. I can stick with Windows or other Linux distros in the meanwhile.


No it is very unlikely that a new adapter would improve your speed over VPN.


As the 7260 driver improves it already supports AC which is 800ish mbps… just the FreeBSD/Haiku driver only enables N support in the card right now for about 150mbps. In Linux and Windows it will get AC speeds though.


How about this then?: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/For-Intel-7260AC-600Mbps-2-4-5Ghz-WiFi-Bluetooth-PCI-E-Wireless-Card-802-11AC/232990318686?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170803111237%26meid%3D0ccbc0353f324d739a74d112f7bc13ea%26pid%3D100506%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D232990318686&_trksid=p2045573.c100506.m3226

I assume I need to purchase antennae’s too?, I hope my current ones are reuseable.


That says the following so no need to buy antenna… should work fine though.
1 * Dual Band PCIE Wireless Card
1 * Bluetooth Cable
2 * Antennas
2 * Screws
1 * Half-height Baffle