Widescreen support R5

I’m thinking about buying a widescreen tft panel for my pc.
Since I use Beos a lot, I must be sure that widescreen monitors are fully supported without any issues. Otherwise no widescreen monitor for me :slight_smile:

On bebits I’ve read that the Haiku Geforce driver supports widescreen monitors, so it shouldn’t be a problem. So here is my question:
Are there any issues when using a widescreen monitor on Beos? Even the smallest…

Like the app server not being prepared for such resolutions. My guts tell me the app server is totally independent from ratios and just draws on the available pixels. But I just want to be sure…

Anyone experienced with widescreen & Beos?


The Beos/Zeta/Haiku app_server rely entirely on the graphic driver to know and use the supported screen modes. I guess it just assuming square pixel, AFAIK.

I’m posting this from BeOS running on my 1680 x 1050 widescreen’ed laptop. The BeOS ATI Radeon driver support the native panel size…

So, it’s up to the driver supporting such resolution, really.
Your guts are right :wink:

The Panel-Resolution on my Dell Laptop is 1680x1050.
With the Nvidia Driver from Rudolf it works great!

(Nvidia Geforce 4200 GO)