Wide titlebars

Hi guys, new here. I test drove Be OS years ago (R3 and R4). Just took the VMWare image of Haiku out for a test drive, looks great! I was wondering, though, I realize Be OS’s narrow titlebars were the special “trademark” of the operating system UI, but I thought I saw in Be OS that it had themes that included the window-width version of the titlebar. Is this enabled or coming in Haiku? I personally think the topleft corner version feels imbalanced and lopsided; I appreciate that the others here probably love it but I don’t. (No offense, to those of you who have belaboured on this for six years, just a matter of taste.)

Rest assured that there will be other window decorators included with Haiku. It’s not difficult to make new ones. In fact, in the SVN tree are classic BeOS, Win95, and MacOS 8, but the code is hopelessly out-of-date. It didn’t make sense to maintain them while the app_server was under heavy development. Haiku’s Appearance preflet will allow you to change them without even having to use the command line, too. I’ve been waiting until we are self-hosting before finishing it, but it’s mostly done right now.

BeOS has a decor with Windows-ish titlebars ( I perfer the tabs as you can move the tab across the top of the window - press shift and drag with the mouse - and stack windows yet have easy access to the windows in the background.) I made a GUI prefferences app FatElk.com to make it easier to change the decor as BeOS did not include such a preference app. Haiku also has a command line decor changer app … /boot/beos/bin/setdecor but at this time only one decor is available. I’m sure that R1 Haiku will have your Windows-ish decor and you can use setdecor to change to to your perferred look.