Why not Distrowatch

I had expected to see the news of the Haiku Alpha 1 release on the Distrowatch, one of the focal point of Linux, BSD, and even solaris users, to increase publicity and attract potential developers to fuel the impetus to leapfrog.

Haiku is not Linux, (of course!), nor Unix. This was what I would have thought why not on DW, had I not seen many of the Linux (or opensource) events Haiku is used to take part in.

Please take this as a chance to distinguish if there is subtlety, to let people better understand Haiku.

I agree 100%. I heard about Haiku on a several Linux podcasts. Its talked up quite a bit in the “community” of open source users. It should be announced on Distrowatch.

Why not take action and post something there? :slight_smile:

I suspect you don’t need anyone’s permission (unless you post misleading or wrong information).

[quote=umccullough]Why not take action and post something there?:slight_smile:
I suspect you don’t need anyone’s permission (unless you post misleading or wrong information).[/quote]

Yours is instructive. And I was cautious at least not to have put my lines under the Suggestion Box.

Now I realize that Distrowatch is not OSnews, the separate endeavors join together sometimes only under a broader term. But I forgive myself a bit, for even in the FAQ there posts an item for “Why does DistroWatch include BSDs and Solaris?”. (http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=faq)., to explain its answer to requests from users who prefer convenience to making distinction.

On separate considerations, as if to contradict myself, I see the pros that Haiku should be dintinguished from others, not only because of its own uniqueness other than using neither KDE nor Gnome.