Why aRe YoU sO SpeCiAl?

why are you you so special?
think of it…

Everyone around this forum is responsible in the making of one of the best OS to come (let us hope so).
No OS would have been made with such a support and healthy comments from the part of users.

It was the developers who decide and design the OS. some OSs became so tough for the normal users to handle, like linux. The developers didnt give much consideration to normal users, Linux became something like a play ground for them , to prove their ability.

In the world of Haiku its the users who are given prior importance. the OS is made for simplicity and performance. its you who decide how it should work.

So spread your ideas… make the OS true. let us unleash the power of HAIKU the ’ SILENT BEAST '…

Yes you are definitly right, that’s what is the most important in OS designing: always think about end user !

What would be the best OS if only 15 person understand how it works ?