Where to set the HEADER and LIBRARY paths

I have installed Eigen C++ class templates and I wonder where to set the HEADER path and LIBRARY path for compiling my C++ sources successfully.

In case you are using 32 bit Haiku read the FAQ, a useful search keyword can be the “setarch” command name.

The headers folder and the lib folders always used, no configuration required, but you can always pass CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS.

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I am using x64 Haiku.

I have managed to compile my C++ project that depends on Eigen in Haiku and its was successful.

I can run the binary and see the results without setting any path.

But Gnu Scientific Library distributed through HaikuDepot does not include headers files so I have to exclude the C++ sources that depends on GSL.

Nevertheless, the task perhaps the harder one is how to compile GSL from its sources and as well as GMSH?

Do you have the _devel subpackage installed?

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Yes, Now GSL works.

Wish to see Gmsh soon.

GMSH configures (with cmake) and the build seems to be working (not complete yet, i am at 30% right now), but keep in mind there is no TK port, and the FLTK is not in the repository, therefore even if it compiles, there won’t be any GUI,

Seems to be working:
You could lear about packaging software for Haiku while packaging it. Are you up to the task?


Update: GMSH is already available in the Depot.

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I will be delighted to learn about packaging, not just gmsh but any other scientific/educational tool.

GMSH works but the GUI which is based on FLTK is not yet there. So it is not to visualize the msh yet.

freecad !!!, please

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Fix the OpenGL handling in Qt first.

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It is in haikuports, just not enabled, you’d have to build it yourself :slight_smile:

Probably a dumb question, how to enable it?

If you are using the haikuports.conf file just uncomment the next line there:

I will give a try…

FLTK is no where in the requires list of gmsh dependencies…I presume gmsh will be built without FLTK?

~/Misc/haikuports/repository> cat gmsh-4.8.4.DependencyInfo
“architecture” : “x86_64”,
“buildPrerequires” : [
“buildRequires” : [
“name” : “gmsh”,
“provides” : [
“gmsh = 4.8.4”,
“cmd:gmsh = 4.8.4”,
“cmd:onelab.py = 4.8.4”,
“lib:libgmsh = 4.8.4 compat >= 4”
“requires” : [
“testRequires” : [],
“version” : “4.8.4”

Correct. As there is no FLTK in the repo, therefore we cannot build anything on the buildslaves against FLTK. Therefore te recipe currently doesn’t defines FLTK as a dependency.

What could be the proper string to define FLTK as dependency?

Since FLTK was successsfully built and installed from haikuports/haikuporter.