Where to post kernel panic screenshots?

I was wondering where I should try to post Screenshots of my output from debugger land?
Also, I was suprised to find out that “qrencode” is not yet a valid debugger option. My nightly build is a few days old, but it came out long after the article announcing this feature. What shuld I do in the meantime when Haiku crashes? There’s No way I can type out all that output by hand in a reasonable time! Could I ssh in?
Sorry for cramming so much into one post, it just didn’t seem right to ask each question separately.

You need to create a ticket at https://dev.haiku-os.org and attach your screenshot of kdl output.

I’ve just tried http://haiku-files.org/haiku/development/haiku-nightly-hrev44339-x86gcc2hybrid-raw.tar.xz and qrencode is definitely available in KDL. Some panics are continuable with “es” command. After that KDL output flushes to syslog.

You can’t ssh into Haiku while KDL is running as AFAIK all drivers are disabled in this mode.

Thanks for the information. I have posted a report.