Where to get the Zeta Live CD

Hi everyone, I’ve been a haiku user for quite some time, but I’ve found this distro (Its very similar to Haiku) Zeta 1.5. I would swap Haiku for this in a heartbeat. Anyone know where I could get the Live CD? It’s no longer available on the manufacturers website. D:

I’m a big BeOS fan, and Haiku is a promising project, But I really want to try this out too…

Thanks in advance to any help!


Was there a 1.5 live cd ?

Here is the the 1.25 live cd:


Only the very last link is working.

Also you may want to read this:

Well even the last mirror is down. I’ve already tried all their mirrors, I’m looking for the 1.2x Live CD…



Zeta is closed-source and based on the BeOS Dano codebase. Haiku isn’t based on any BeOS code at all (exept tracker and Deskbar) and so Zeta isn’t really a “Distro” at all. Plus Zeta is quite outdated compared to Haiku, and also Zeta has a very dodgy legal standpoint (The BeOS code used in it might have been used illegally)

In all fairness, you’d be better off with Haiku.


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