Where to get openssl sdk for building application?

Hi Folks,

Returning to Haiku app development after being away for a few years. I have an app that requires openssl, but I cannot find the SDK (w/ headers, libs, etc.) for haiku anywhere. Where can I find this?

Thank you!

In Haiku Depot’s menu: show developer packages

Ugh, thank you for that pointer. What it really did was make me realize that the openssl headers and libs are already available in the develop folder. That’s nice!

Strange that a search (in Tracker) for the headers doesn’t find them.

Thank you!

They are in a package, and it seems the search dialog does not allow to select package volumes to run a query on them. We should fix that.
The search dialog uses the filesystem query support, and as such, it does not traverse mount points. So if you search in /system, it won’t look in /system/packages.