Where is the /boot?

You can recognize newbie with this question. I got dilemma. I read that I should move downloaded file to /boot and unzipped there. The problem I have - I do not know of with /boot folder. Got few there. If I press on Haiku folder, am I in /boot or root. I saw /boot under /system but I ma not sure if that is the right one. Could you some help here. Thanks.

/boot is the root directory of the hard disk that Haiku was booted from. in my case the disk is called fish. if I doubleclick on fish on the desktop, it shows the contents of /boot.

Thanks. I was putting downloaded programs in wrong folder. Oh, well, I will reinstall again. It is got to be a mess on my HD. No wonder, half of my programs do not work.

when you unzip the file just change the destination to /boot/

you don’t have to put them anywhere if they are packaged right. Most packages are but not always.

/boot = /Haiku (your boot partition)
unless you change the name to something other than Haiku.

If you got the program in a zipped folder, it can be put anywhere, such as in /boot/home/MyApplications/Application Name/