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What could change everything is not free. Nor do I expect to get it for free. I only seek those who are able and willing to go where others think only madness resides. If what I envision is possible, it will be revealed in the end product. I only ask others, who are willing/able, to follow me where the rabbit hole goes. How deep? Who knows!


The solution IS a foundational rewrite. You cannot keep things the same if you want them to change. You cannot expect things to change if you keep them the same.

If the way things are (and the way things will go) is fine with you, regardless of the outcome of those choices, then I speak to a deaf audience. If, however, you would like to see (as I believe is possible, but have yet to prove is do-able) impenetrable security, unbelievable speed, and responsiveness, then challenge the status quo and go where others think only madness resides.

The cost? Proprietary vs. open-source. Ye need not have the ingredients of the cure, to benefit from it, if it is available to all.

What would you be willing to pay for a platform that you could boot in seconds, go online and never, NEVER, N E V E R have to worry about spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, DoS, DDoS, or malware of ANY kind?

Do you realize Haiku’s GLTeapot demo is capable of over 400fps? Do you know how this is achieved? Oddly enough, this is on a dual-core Intel (B520 processor or something) laptop running Haiku x86. Haiku x86_64, running on a quad-core AMD laptop, does not exhibit the same performance (tops out at around 300fps) even with the same settings. Must be some limitation of that version of Haiku. I have yet to run Haiku x86 on that laptop to compare.

“Things the way they are, mayn’t the way they should be. But getting to there from here, is for the adventurous to see!”


Luposian, we are interested! For sure! Absolutely!
The question is just: will you share the idea or the implementation under MIT? That would bring a nice traction not just for Haiku but the whole Personal Computer scene! You can be the new JLG!
Actually that is what Haiku want: “Be different! Be crazy! Be you!”


I do not agree with this. I rather say: “Be smart, Be efficient, Be you!”


One can have all theese disase in the Same time, right?


If, what I propose, is as radical and possible as I imagine (I allow the possibility that it is more possible in my mind than actual reality, but that’s what dreamers do!), I want it for Haiku and Haiku ONLY! You can’t guarantee that under open-source. The MIT license allows me to take open-source code and make it proprietary, but if I leave it under MIT, anyone can do likewise!

I want to make Haiku a platform, not just an OS. Kinda like the BeBox, but modern. I don’t want the likes of Apple and Microsoft and every Tom, Dick, and Harry having access to do all that I imagine. As once was said in “The Incredibles”, when EVERYONE is Special, then NOBODY is Special." (or something like that). Unfortunately, it was uttered by the villain. :smiley: But a truth is still a truth, even if spoken by the devil.

Sure, there’s a part of me that wants to be able to say “Told you so…”, if it works out. I want to be able to prove that “insanely great” things ARE still possible. That radical departures from the norm can result in awesome experiences.

But we must be willing to fall to the earth, if we are to dare to soar to the moon. We must be willing to be laughed at and scorned as a failure, if we are to ever be looked up at and admired as a stunning success. It’s the nature of any challenge. The question is…

Who is willing and able to take that risk?


I been talkin’ a plenty. Problem is… nobody be listenin’. :smiley:


only talking is not good, you need to write it down :wink:


Luposian, i stay just behind you with granades and machine guns, just tell me where the enemy is.
Without jokes: you have to share earlier or later your concept. Even if it is propertiary: one will disassemble it and release as somelicensedcode.
And you know, the Mac and Windows devs (Linux tok) monitoring closely the other development directions and “take” ideas, solutions, etc.
But we are hearing your words.


True. So very true. :smiley:

Haiku Beta Discussion

why do we actually talk in two forum posts about the same topic at the same time?


For now, the first step is deconstruction of the existing revision of Haiku x86_64 I wish to use.

If others wish to disassemble the binaries, only legal means would hinder them. Is it worth it? Probably not. Any existing OS cannot retrofit my concepts. They would have to be implemented just as I plan to. Basically deconstructing the OS first. The goal must be worth the effort to reach it. This is one reason I’m using an old, pre-PM, revision of Haiku x86_64. Less stuff to pull out, but with a usable WebPositive! When all is reconstructed, the applications should still work, once the rules of how they interact with Haiku are adjusted. I hope.

I doubt Microsoft nor Apple would be willing to “start over” with their OS’s. Changing how the OS interacts with its users and vice versa, could be too cataclysmic! But Haiku is still in its (unintentional?) infancy. It hasn’t even reached BETA! :smiley: Take an old enough revision and you don’t have that far to get back to where you left off!


Ok, you mean we should drop the PM, and then you will tell us the idea?

Look, it might be hard, but nobody will even think about it. Not, as long as you dont explain WHAT and HOW and WHY.

You using words like “reconstructing”, “deconstructing”, “fundamental”, and while they have a meaning for you, it is just Bs for the others.

Explain what and how, because now you are nothing else just a clickbait troll. Tell not about fps in Teapot, as i have 999. Make a drawing or something, but not Wall of Text about :
“i know how it should be, but i dont tell you, because i think you are not listening and/or you don’t want to take a risk.”

You haven’t told anything yet. Start it, or get over it.


My apologies. I failed to realize something. I wish to make a fork of Haiku (though it would not be called such) that has security as it focal priority and I’m asking people, who only want what benefits Haiku itself, to be interested in this fork. How utterly silly of me to think that would EVER succeed.

I need other people who AREN’T content with the status quo, and are also programmers, to actually have a chance at this. But where to find them? Aye, THERE’S the rub!


Maybe you shouldn’t derail this thread then, but start a new one. I suggest to detail exactly what you have in mind to get any usable answers other than from other non-programmers. Seeing as there are entire careers spent on this topic, I suspect a rather lenghty document. Maybe link to the PDF instead…


Or do something, so you have something to show.

Back in the day when I had an Amiga, there was a guy, I’d run into him occasionally in person and he’d show up on USENET bulletin boards. He had Artificial Intelligence figured out. In his mind, and he had diagrams. I wonder what he’s up to, but I don’t wonder if he ever got that AI working.

You know what you’re talking about. We don’t. You have to figure out some way over that barrier.