Where is git?

I am new in haiku. I can not find git. HaikuDepot say it is install. When using “find / | grep git”, it wiriting output:


But when I run, I get /boot/system/bin/git : “No such file or directory”…
Why? What I do wrong?
(sorry my bad english)

That’s odd, git is usually available in the default install without typing the full path, try “git” by itself.

If that doesn’t work, try a newer version of Haiku from the Nightly images, usually the most recent one at https://download.haiku-os.org/nightly-images/x86_gcc2_hybrid/ works (unless somebody broke something). Burn it to a CD or USB stick and boot that, then rather than installing, pick the “Boot to Desktop” option. Open a Terminal window (blue leaf menu, then applications, then terminal) and type “git” in it.

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