Where can I read about why the 64bit version of haiku has dropped BeOS app compatibility?


Hi, was cruizin through the nightly builds the other night and even though I’ve seen it before, was wondering why Haiku has dropped BeOS binary compatibility with its 64bit version?

Is gcc the only culprit here?

Anyways, would love it if someone could please provide me where to look for the info as to why.




Short: because they are all 32 bit apps

Many dicussions including this forum post:



Amazing work so far guys!!! (and Gals :))


It lack 32 bit support by now but… We are waiting for a future support.



And Haiku isn’t stable, so its development should be focused on core features before offering a feature like WoW64 in Windows to be able to run 32-bit apps in a 64-bit system.


Actually there is a GSoC idea about this. It would allow us to provide a single version of Haiku with both modern support and legacy apps running. Definitely on the roadmap to R2 in my opinion.