Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?


Brooklyn, New York


Hi from Germany, Berlin!


Santa Clara, CA


Saw at least one fellow Hawkeye in an earlier post, so I’ll toss in.

FROM: Burlington, Iowa
Currently Residing: Delaware, Ohio


Chengdu, Sichuan, China, land of the pandas:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, though I am French. Was a user of Beos r5 and have been following OpenBeOS/Haiku since its inception. Time flies and still no R1 haha.


中国-广东-惠州 :微笑:


Amritapuri, Kerala, India.


Hello and welcome…
I have been working in Alleppey, Kerala nice to have you here…


Old R5 user, bought new in box once upon a time. Attended WalterCon 1. Originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Currently based in Queen Creek, Arizona. I spend a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest, currently in Falls City, Oregon.


Prineville Oregon, USA


I visited Prineville a few years ago.


Howdy from Grand Junction Colorado US!


Kingston, Jamaica. Downloaded BeOS r5 when it was released. Been following Haiku from it was OpenBeOS. Looking forward to being able to use it as my primary OS.


Chicago, IL USA


Howdy all. Just an old BeOS 5 preview edition user from Sydney, Australia


I’m originally from New Jersey, where I first used BeOS as my primary OS (with an aBit BP6 dual Celeron motherboard).

Now I’m living in the Austin, TX, USA area and hoping I can use Haiku as a primary OS one day.


Kongsberg, Norway.

On and off, but I never forget the big wow-moment when I could play several Aqua Lene music videos and several music files at the same time on an 166MMX, when Windows struggled with only ONE movie file… So I’m hoping Haiku gets more attention in the future. Can’t wait for Beta.



From Toulouse, France.

Started trying BeOS R4 with x86 release, finally R5.1 as main OS for several years (2003-2007) on TIGER MP boards (really enjoyed MP under BeOS), AMD X2 then Intel Q6600. As BeOS R5.1 “boned” does not boot anymore on my last PC or GFX/sound drivers was unavailable, i kept it under VM… but it is not the same.
Since 2008, i tested Haiku periodically to follow it, impressed by all works, as QT port and news apps for end users. It remains me the time when the BeOS community wait for JRE, close to be released but not…


Currently from near Windhoek, Namibia. I grew up in southern Namibia and simply loved BeOS since I first discovered it in the early 2000’s. I wish I had more time to help getting Haiku to version 1.


Wow! Once upon a time I did this exactly same test (except for the Aqua Lene part), exactly on a 166MHz Pentium MMX, with 32MB of RAM! The hard drive activity LED was lit all the time and I was perplexed by how the system could kept it all running at the same time and still be responsible. Good times!