Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?


0% users from India :frowning:

Anyway, I am from Bengaluru, India.


Madurai, India. :smiley:


Not anymore. Look below :slight_smile:


Rivne, Ukraine
Former BeOS, now Haiku nightly


PA DuBois and MI crystal falls


You have to log into Google to see the map? Too bad, I am google free now, not going back!


It should be public access. At least sharing settings says “everyone knowing the link”.


Nope, asking for an email or phone number to log in. No way to bypass it.


this map sees to ignore me cause i dont see any mark on medellin colombia. :frowning: EDit: ah is the map for morphos, mmm where are the map for haiku?


I can get to it from Haiku via Qupzilla with no login required. It’s a pain to navigate though (and the link is annoying to reach from this far down in the topic!)


There is a “popular links” just below the first post. You can easily access the first post by clicking on the topic title in the forum header. So yes, it is “needs 2 clicks” kind of annoying :wink:


Yes, it works with Qupzilla for me too, and Windows IE. I get the login prompt in Webpositive and also Windows Vivaldi. Is google being selective on which browsers it likes?

Edit- I also tried while both logged in and logged out of Discuss, makes no difference.


Hi, folks!

I’m from New Jersey, USA; using Haiku on an older ThinkPad T42!

It’s that kind of OS that makes me happy to use! :slight_smile:


Hi, I live in Manchester, UK. Old BeOS user.


Madrid (Spain / España)


Las Vegas, NV


I’m a Mainer from Northern Maine (USA) in exile, been living and working in Fargo, North Dakota (USA) for the past 6 years…hopefully, back to Northern Maine next year.


now, for at least a little while, i’m in berlin. if anyone wants to get bumped into,


Hi! I am from Almería, Spain


I’m from Rome, Italy