Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?


Jonesville, LA, USA :blush:


Rome, Italy :relaxed:


I guess I should add my pin too! Palmyra, Maine USA. What, am I the only one in New England?


Berlin, Germany (atm.) :smiley: btw… where is the promised global map?? :smiley:


First link in “popular links” at the top of the topic. I maintain it.


Xi’an (Shaanxi Province), P.R of China, originally from Berlin, Germany.


serang, Banten Province, Indonesia :smile_cat:


Newcastle, UK.


Croydon, United Kingdom.


Kherson, Ukraine.


Midlothian, Tx


Villafranca di Verona, ITALIA


I’m from Brazil, Province of Pernambuco, Recife city.
I love Haiku OS.

There are other users in Brazil. But I guess they do not know that topic.


Haiku, former BeOS user, Melbourne Australia.


Shandong China


I was a baby when the last release of BeOS came out. I’m new to Haiku and I think it looks really promising as alternative to Windows/Linux/BSD.

I’m from Detroit Michigan, United States.


I’m located in Arizona, USA. More specifically, Sierra Vista, AZ. (USA). :smiley:


Hi there! Novi Sad, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia for those who will read Siberia) :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m from Temecula, California.:grinning:


The best dorpie in the world - Worcester, South Africa.

I’m lile the only Linux guy here. And Haiku too.