Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?


Of course, added. And I also colored the Haiku devs in red (but there are not many of them listed yet).


Beijing, China


Moscow, Russia


North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA

I am an old BeOS user that used to run it on my PowerMac 7500. Just loaded Haiku this last weekend on a Linux Mint laptop and it is bringing back so many great memories.


Kiev, Ukraine


Austin, Texas. USA


Inari, Finland


Stuttgart, Germany.


Fort Collins, Colorado USA
I have Haiku but never BeOS.


I’m from Utah. I absolutely love Haiku OS and would love to try an old BeOS system. I would use it as my daily driver, but I haven’t found a word processor that works.


Try “Gobe Productive”, only one that works as “word processor” in BeOS-Haiku.
“Abiword” never worked adequate in BeOS.


Hi, I’m from Warsaw, Poland :slight_smile:


Minsk, Belarus :sunny:


Greetings from Somerset, New Jersey, USA


Stockholm, Sweden


Oconto, Wisconsin USA


Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium


Viry Chatillon, France

Hi to old Ubix users !


From Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Hi rgb,

Yes, and nostalgic of old geedays.