Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?


Don, Shasta Lake,CA

Thanks Caleb


Yes for sure…


Mount Airy, Georgia US


Grand Prairie, on the Planet of Texas.


Never heard about a planet called Texas?!


Some call it a state, to others it’s a whole different country. But we’re our own big little world.


With contemporary system of education, I am certain, many people do not know geography. I even would not talking about history, which is always twisted in some way by political system and national centristic or colonial view.


Germany / Stuttgart


I am from China


Braga, Portugal.


Auckland, New Zealand

I’m running Haiku Beta 1 in a VM at the moment, because

  1. it’s a fascinating OS, and
  2. the unique filesystem might be useful for an idea to help teachers cope with their insane paperwork.


Niterói - RJ, Brazil.


Medellin Colombia


I’m from Wellington New Zealand


Verona, Italy.


Hello from Washougal, Washington.

Bought BeOS whenever it was, and I still have The BeOS Bible that came with it.


Hello, I am from Carrollton Virginia. Been a BeOS user since 4.5 I believe. Very excited about Haiku!


Niwot, Colorado, USA

Wow! I’ve been checking Haiku OS out every few years for a long time now. I’ve been running R1/Beta1 on my Intel NUC for a few days now and I’m really impressed and excited! I’ve been wanting a well-working release of this for a long time, ever since learning about the BeOS filesystem. Now I have it! Super!


Perth, Western Australia

Running R1/Beta1 on tiny little HP Pavilion dm 1.
Learning to code from the beginning, again. Getting wind burn from the speed of this baby!!
Lovin It…:sunglasses:

edit: Haiku OS user. Never tried BeOS unfortunately.


Sorry, I had not updated the map for some time, you should all be in now.
212 registered users :sunglasses: