Where are you from, Haiku OS / BeOS user?


I was an exited (german) BeOS user back in the r4.5/r5 days. I ported some little commandline tools and done icon packs for BeOS at this time… After Be was gone away i switched to Mac OS X and looked from time to time at the development of OpenBeOS/Haiku.
Last week i finally installed Haiku on one of my laptops.


Melbourne, Australia.
Saw BeOS R4.5 demonstrated at computer trade show one thursday in September 1999, 2 days later (Saturday) purchased BeOS R4.5 CD, BeOS Bible (Scot Hacker), Programming BeOS, from Technical Book Store in city center. Coincidently, on same day got Adobe Premier 5.1 and DVRaptor firewire card for Windows. Suprisingly, BeOS R4.5 supported DV Raptor video codec out of the box, and Quake 2 had HW accelerated OpenGL drivers (Voodoo 3 3000). Best OS ever.

Then purchased R5 Pro, Gobe 2.0, some games, Zeta 1.0, Zeta 1.5, donated some time/money to Haiku.

Currently working on native Video Editor for Haiku, and a few games (soccer, Civ clone etc). In a decade or two they might be released …


From Zaragoza, Spain!


I’m an old BeOS user, playing with BeOS since 1999, that was R4.5. Never stopped since then. Did some programming too, BeBits had three my works.

I have the BeOS Bible too. It lead to an anecdotical case: once I, reading the BeOS Bible, was riding a bus to the university I was studying at, and Jehova’s witness saw the title with “Bible” in it and sat along with me, starting the conversation. We talked for some twenty minutes, mainly discussing problems of command lines, daemons and getting rid of zombies, and split with both of us thinking the other don’t have a clue in the subject…

I’m from Tirat Carmel, Israel. I live here.


Hi there.

Living in Dublin, Ireland

At times I am a real Haiku user running it on real hardware.
And used ZETA before Haiku :slight_smile:


totish Lviv Ukraine

used BeOS from 2003


Galicia - Spain


Stuttgart, Germany

I can’t believe it’s been so many years since I discovered BeOS, and later Haiku. :slight_smile:


You are the third then. :wink:


Nice! A few more and we can start a club. :smile:


Sioux City, Iowa


I was aware of Haiku around 2011. Since then I have followed the project closely.

Puerto Montt, :chile: Chile


Murcia, Spain


Milano, Italia

Used BeOS as primary OS until Zeta. Endlessy waiting for Haiku, now :slight_smile:


Coimbra, Portugal


Ok, so I’ll chime in as well :wink:

Location: Wolfurt, Austria

I wasn’t a real BeOS user back in the day but I tried out the R5 Personal Edition (I think it was called; the one that could be installed and started from Windows or Linux) and was quite impressed by it. Shortly after that BeOS was discontinued.
Been following Haiku rather passively on and off since about 2010.


Lynbrook, New York USA


… shall we? now that we are three? :slight_smile:


Hi!, Manizales, Colombia :colombia:
I know Haiku since some months, but recently @cosmogatokat encouraged me to use this SO more frecuently :3


Grenoble, France, and a fan, since BeOS :slight_smile: