Where are the SDL libs now?

So… I came back to Haiku after a long while and while I’m pretty amazed by Package Management (neat, clean, convenient) I’m struggling to find some packages that were included inside the Installoptionalpackage script, namely the SDL libs. Where do I have to get them now? Haikuporter?

(Also, I’ve noticed that the boot time increased. A lot. About 5-6 seconds more. Yeah, it’s still a fast boot but… I got so used to Haiku’s former ultra-fast booting that the current situation is putting me off.)

quote from pulkomandy on the mailing list:

It would also be nice if the Qt port
could be available via a proper package now. And SDL of course.

There is work in progress towards that (arfonzo is doing the Qt recipe, and
scott the SDL ones).

The SDL .hpkg files are coming along. There’s several of them. I’m starting with the SDL1.2 ones and then will move onto the SDL2.0 ones. I’m hoping to get the 1.2 ones ready before GCI starts which is on Nov 18th, 2013.
You can see the recent HaikuPorts commits here: http://bb.haikuports.org/haikuports/commits/branch/master

Perfect, thanks. Guess I’ll just wait a bit then.