Where are the build updates?

There are three mirrors to download from, but only Sikosis’ is available presently… and he hasn’t updated since Feb. 19th! Whahappen?

The only other person I know of that has regularly updated Haiku builds is Philipp Markus Alexander Schmid, who has the very latest Haiku builds every 6 hours!

The only problem is, I have trouble “mounting” the images I get from him, if I don’t immediately rename .image to .img, when using Mount Image (or Image Mount; I keep forgetting which it is).

I’d do my own builds, as I have in the past, but after a few times, something gets corrupted (and it won’t finish the builds) and I have to delete the whole Subversion Haiku tree off my drive (takes absolutely FOR-EVER!) and redownload the entire Haiku tree again. ARRRRGH! :evil:

Where did Sikosis go and/or what happened?