When you plane to create Haiku Installer?

Now Haiku look very good. But try it on real hardware is difficult. When you plane to create simple Haiku installer? (format partition on BFS and copy system files)

It’s already in process. While I don’t know about how well it works, I know Jerome is working on it.

It’s currently in alpha state.
AFAIK the Disk Device Manager API doesn’t allow to initialize a partition and the DriveSetup feature is missing as of now.
Indeed kernel and BFS had to be fixed to have the copy process succeed, so there is progress.

I think what would be interesting for quite some people would be
"release summaries"
every once in a while (for example every 2 months, a short summary, like 6-10 lines, of whats new, starting with the biggest changes etc.)

This way people could glance at this summary quickly to see how well the project goes, without staying on IRC, or being a developer :slight_smile:

Weekly Haiku does a pretty good job of such summaries.


Any progress?