When will Haiku be ready for release?

The 3d acceleration work from Hamish Morrisson is on Gerrit, the fatelf work isn’t because there is no interest from anyone else in the team (we don’t want it).

The other things you mention are too vague for me to say anything specific, if what you have in mind is the crypto kit, that’s also on gerit. Likewise for Jaroslaw’s early work on arm64 (which broke other platforms and ignored the coding style, but evetually we extracted, cleaned and merged the relevant parts)

There is also the bfs partition resizing code on gerrit. Waiting there for a few years.

No one seems interested in testing, improving, or reviewing any of this code which is very easily available. I do rebase it from time to time and checks that it builds.

If there are other things we have missed, we can add it to gerrit very easily (anyone can do it as long as they have a github account). I still don’t think putting all this abandoned code in a single branch is going to do us any good.


I didn’t mean to put all abandoned code to single branch. What I meant was a branch for post-R1 stuff, so those people willing to work on those features would be able to do so on official haiku repositories without breaking nightlies, and those people anxiously waiting for R1 would have a sneak peek of post R1 features to help them cope with years of betas. I guess Gerrit enables that though. As of me, I am happily running nightlies and betas, though I wish some post-R1 features were being worked on and be available for testing, and also wish that I had time and skills to contribute on those myself.

those people anxiously waiting for R1 should just stop anxiously waiting for R1 IMO and use nightly… What is R1 anyway but an arbitrary nightly that we decide to name R1?

These countless discussions about R1 and naming conventions are boring IMO .

The end of beos compatbility and a modern haiku past r1 :wink:


What is not modern in current Haiku that can’t be made modern without breaking compatibility?