What's the latest on reaching Haiku B1?

I’m curious of how close we are to getting Haiku Beta 1? Any forecasts or predictions of roughly when it’ll see daylight??


That’s only half the truth, though. The only show stopper towards beta are the blocker tickets.

And from those (at the time of this writing) 3 tickets, only two are an actual blocker. #10336 can be resolved quite easily if needed (ie. TRIM support could be disabled for the release).

So it’s 2 tickets left and one of those looks trivial… Haiku beta release has to happen in first quarter of next year, software these days has to be released quickly and often, otherwise nobody gives a s**t about it…

On the other hand OSes has seemed to have slowed down in useful features added.

When was the last time you were excited by some new featured added to an OS?

What seems to be driving sales is the applications.

a beta release means a stable target for developing applications.

In addition to the blockers listed in trac, there is one key problem that was recited to me again and again the last time I pushed for B1. The lack of automated package builds means our package repos have to be built by hand for a release which is extremely time consuming.

We’re getting close, and three different designs for package builders have been developed… however it is a complex issue to solve with only a few people working on it in their free time.

Why “in addition”?

https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/11654 tracks this, and is one of the blockers.

mmlr's build system seems to solve this, now it needs to be deployed, first more officially for the nightlies, then we can create the beta1 branches (both at haiku and haikuports) and enter the release cycle.

Lets just do it already, how does on deploy MMLR’s automated building tools ?

I will try some additional testing on 10336.

I wish the developers good luck on reaching beta!