What's the current beta estimate?

I’m starting this thread, as I’m confident that other readers are anxiously waiting with hope as well as I am, wondering what’s happening with the beta. I periodically open https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?h=r1beta1 and read it, but I guess am curious how close Haiku is to its release candidates.

The real time is very clearly different than the original estimates given at the timeline page and obviously, this is because of the intense work being done behind the scenes to get the beta out. I’m not downplaying or critiquing this at all; I totally understand that projects take a lot of time and effort, (and myself am hoping for enough time to get my quick tour and tile proposals in before rc).

So I guess I’d ask for the benefit of everyone reading, how close is Haiku to going beyond the pre-rc stage? And if it’s already happened somehow, I haven’t been able to find it; will it need to be compiled or be available like a Nightly is now? Just frankly wondering; thanks.

Well alot if changes have been made recently so (to the buildbot, and a rather annoying BFS disk issues, etc. .) … that will take a bit to test to make sure it is working as expected. People actually have to report back and say it’s working and so on. So I’d say give it at least an extra week or two.

I am wondering about this question. We are waiting over 10 years for a beta now and for some weeks we get a info that the beta is very close, but this does not mean in a time of a view days. You all need to have more patience. Let them the time to make a good job. Jostling brings nothing.

Hectic and hurry work by asking again and again only brings stupid mistakes.

I am looking forward to the “BeGeistert” this year, maybe haiku will be quite a bit further. But I do not expect it to do so.

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I’m asking because there are two things I have pending (tiled backgrounds and a quick tour) and need to know if there is ample time for the team to look at it (and maybe add it to Haiku) before the beta is out. I’m not trying to rush the Haiku team or be annoying. (But I do freely confess I’m as anxious as the next guy to know what’s happening with it, and am hoping for updates.)

Posting your wallpapers and quick tour guide won’t make any harm, you know…


Thanks, but they’re still not finished… I’m hoping to present a version the team will like.

If you searching for “beta” on the haiku forums you will se sooo many entries about it. Why every time a new one.

Ok you want to add your work and doing this before the beta released, thats ok and i understand this but please does not add into every topic “beta”. You can try “questions about my work to” or “quick tour guid and wallpapers…”.

I am coming to the forum and i only read beta beta beta beta, and people does add in all discussions thing who have nothing to do with the main post, only beta :wink:

for me the beta is not ready at all…

Exactly what I mean. What does this answer have to do with the topic? :wink:

Sorry about this. :smiley: I’ve probably been one of the main contributors to this mess; I guess it’s just been an excitement over a next step for Haiku that’s been years from coming true, but it’s something to keep in mind so that there’s not an overload of ‘beta’ posts going on.

I guess it’s connected as I’m anxious about the announced schedule versus what’s actually happening now; I haven’t heard anything about the rc, and this is important, as I really would like to get the Quick Tour and tiles into Haiku. I’m trying to think of something that doesn’t look like System 7 though; tiling can date an interface if it had an embossed logo repeating, flying toasters repeating in rows, etc. Maybe something more subtle… but if I did that, I don’t know how we’d get the logo in there. Maybe repeat just the ‘H’ symbol or leaves? I don’t know; I’m still thinking on it.

So that’s part of what is taking a while. The other part, tbh, is that I am working on personal stuff in the background. I’m hoping for sometime early this next week to submit this to the community, but feel I’m running out of time.

I wasn’t kidding when I posted this; I’m completely blind as to what Haiku is doing. At the moment, I am assuming nothing ‘new’ has come out. I mentioned “[t]he real time is very clearly different than the original estimates given” in my opening post – but I don’t know that for absolute sure. I’m guessing. I don’t know if RC has silently arrived per the Timeline and needs to be compiled by testers to test it, rather than open for the general public (but I doubt that possibility highly because Haiku would have announced something, and there hasn’t been any indication of anything). So, I guess it’s just waiting to see what happens beyond all the wild speculating I’m doing.

But again, yeah, I know I’m excited for updates on it, but there’s a lot of work being done that takes full priority first (and I know the team needs to concentrate), and I don’t want to be obnoxious. All I know, I guess, if there aren’t any updates, is that I am going to keep assuming there’s nothing new, and submit my ideas when they’re ready, so long as there is indeed enough time to get my potential contributions finished in time. Hopefully, this explains my thinking (and curiosity)…

Again, not trying to be annoying to everyone, even though I can see where I am being just that.

Why are you so crazy?

Through this hustle and bustle only mistakes happen. In the end, the work is only half as good as you might have imagined at the end.

Go on the thing calmly. It does not matter if it’s done until the release.

Only with the creation of your project, it is far from finished. It does not just have to convince you in the end, but also pleases the other. It may take a while for all the corners and edges to be smoothed.

Yeah. This is called “hype” and a good communication strategy would make use of it for engaging more the community and pushing it into acrivism. Not blaming it for being annoying.

Some press releases about what’s going on, a bit more marketing stuff and ppl will probably stop asking about it into the forum. After all, it’s the first bomb dropped in years and the first beta at all from the start of the project…

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Huh? Did you miss the forum post with the “nearly RC” images? These are essentially missing just three things (final WebKit, EFI loader, a couple minor flag changes.)

So we are only about 4-5 days behind, which is very good for us anyway.


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: If this is the one with the pre-RC images posted by @kallisti5 that I had done a screenshot tour of, yes, I definitely read that post and tested the images.

Where I got lost is wondering what maybe was happening or had happened afterwards. If the official rc is still in the works, awesome! That hopefully will give me more time to finish the tour and tile proposals sometime next week.

Again, thanks for the reply — it definitely clarified everything for me.

The published schedule says Haiku R1 Beta 1 will “release when ready” between 10 September and 18 September. So if you are indeed “only about 4-5 days behind” that would be 14 to 23 September. For posterity, you believe Haiku R1 Beta 1 will be released on or before Sunday 23rd September 2018?

… “for posterity”? What’s that supposed to mean?

I think we’ll be released by then, but, it’s of course not entirely certain.

Yeah for whatever reason the current Web+ isn’t really usable with the forum (A known issue I think, can’t see any of the post editing buttons, hopefully that, video codec support and hangs get fixed… I like it alot better than the QT browsers. It just seems to run a bit better / smoother when it’s stable anyway.

The Haiku team could put a “next release progress bar” on the website front page next to the donation bar. ppl could see release progress at a glance, so it would stop the forum questions - especially useful since the team is pondering releasing a new beta or two every year :slight_smile:

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