Whatever happen to Pixel32?

I am wondering what happen to Pixel32.


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I think in another thread someone said that Pavel sold it to some other company.

It was written in Pascal and so I guess it might compile still. I think SDL for the UI. I don’t think it was ever open soured though.

Iirc past the end of Zeta he stops to work on the source tree. Only windows and linux left and then sold

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Get the news from the official website: Pixel image editor | Cross-platform RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing and photo retouching…


From the other post there Pixel 1.0 final release | Pixel image editor That means customers will get access to all betas and final version as well, since they already paid for their license.
Now I need to see where I stored the license :slight_smile:

Should’ve checked a bit more there :wink: Post is from 2009 and the mentioned link to the new owners doesn’t work anymore :frowning: