What to focus improving in order to increase user numbers?

Agree 100% with you.

I do a overview about “how to help”: BeSly --- Haisly (Mmmh the included links are broken and i found do not find my original pdf file.)

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Many Linux users are fed up with MS or Apple & really enjoy the entirely different kind of community you get, when it isn’t all about money.


Yes, free is good, but if no one makes money anymore, how are you supposed to survive? I think it’s appropriate to pay something for a service :wink:

But yes apple is very extreme. Also in the area of Windows there is a lot of free and/or inexpensive software.

What bothers me about Linux is that there are so many different distributions. It has become very confusing over the decades. This package runs here but not there, this one vice versa.

Then there are various guides that are half-hearted and not checked (some important detail is always missing, the use of which is assumed by the user). This half-information has brought me to despair in the forums, since too much is assumed. Nobody goes by the “stupidest possible user”.

Then, at the time I tried Linux, the installations were so extremely large that far too much space was wasted. Including many programs installed that you do not need. I’ve tried linux many times, but I’ve always strayed from it.


I’m personally cautious regarding such users… It’s amazing the number of them asking for Wine … to run Photoshop or other proprietary software, on every open source OS forum. They usually have no idea of the efforts that it takes to do thing and are not the most patient.

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It’s not so much the free, as the Opensource. The enthusiasm of so many people to be creating software because it is something that they really like doing. & they like giving it to the community.

Don’t paint a bias on people because they don’t like MS software, or the MS business attitude, or their history of swallowing opposition/competitors, or their…

I’m so far past having any of those biases against MS, due to my only using Win7 to play some Steam games & that’s it. Prior to Win7 I had been years with no MS (I used to have a business - sole trader IT troubleshooting - years ago when I was smarter & still had a great memory. :wink: ).

If you must judge, judge a person that is standing right in front of you by who they are. Even then, it is a really small sample of them & of their entire life.

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I have a linux-based OS on my laptop(s) since 2009 after a brief relationship with Vista (no comment).

You may think I’m biased, but we must give credit where it’s due: linux spread is not only a matter of payed vs free, it’s more a change in POV when you discover the FOSS world. You stop being bounced among “brands” when in search for the tool you need, you are bounced among “ideas”, that is different ways of doing things.
Things such as codecs, DEs, window theming, or even the whole OS (as haiku) everything is born after an idea, not a business plan.

You still go with the Windows way of download what you want (from whichever site you want) and run - that’s not the way distributions go: you need your package manager only. And if you jump on the shiny new distro with a hundred people user base, then… prepare to compile on your own.

Not as a user :wink:

nobody is making $100 hr with Portal per PC. you want funds to hire developer’s, give people the ability to earn those funds.

the reason Microsoft is so dominant, enterprise, commercial, productivity software.

BTW i have acess to that stuff on windows and linux, i despise using both systems. I’d bet most people with smart phones rarely even turn thier PC on anymore if they even have one.

I’m currently dealing with breakage in Linux CNC caused by them cocking up the network manager. it’s not the first time pisspoor headlong rushes to shiny new things have made linux useless.

then you get 30,000 replys,

sudo myass config doh network etc, nothing fics the issue.

I’m over it

you guys really don’t understand humans

If I was told by a “higher” entity that the Earth was the insane asylum of the multiverse, I really wouldn’t have a great deal of difficulty believing it.

So, maybe I do, maybe I don’t understand humans… :wink:

humans like all predators are low effort reward driven .

only male mating strategies tend to incite overproduction, as a way to attracte females.

if you want users, maximum rewards for least efforts

I have a good feeling Haiku does not care about getting loads of users, we’re all having fun here. Although it needs some work and real world testing to prove it’s reliability and usefulness, we’re already pretty much achieving this.
In the sense you wouldn’t use Gentoo if you don’t wanna compile anything, you wouldn’t use Haiku if you needed to run some Windows-only CAD or graphics editor, you have Windows for that.

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Thanks for saying that. Maybe I find a way to help improving Haiku.

I’m a bit surprised: UI mockups are welcome?? Do developers really want a smartass telling them how the GUI should look?


I’ve never seen a operating system with feelings. is this a new package ??

as haiku aims to be a personal desktop os , I’d say the mission statement refutes your assertion

To be fair that is true, but the issue is that for example, let’s say you want Adobe Photoshop on Haiku, here’s what you’d have to do.

  1. Convince Adobe Haiku is profitable
  2. Make their employees learn Haiku tools, build system, GUI toolkits etc
  3. Publish it as an install-able piece of software

If you ask me, this is quite literally impossible. For free software like FreeCAD/Blender or GIMP though, it’s probably already on Haiku and if not, can be ported. I’m like, 60% sure they found a way to run Photoshop on the latest Wine anyways.

people really don’t care who makes the qpp “generally speaking” they care if ut works, and is easy to use for what they need to do.

both of the apps you just cited are not very user-friendly. power users are a small part of the market.

compare QuickBooks to gnu accounting.

the issue is user facing accessibility

Why not? If done by someone who knows how to do it, it is very valuable. If they go as far as taking the time to explain their choices, we can even learn a few things from it :slight_smile:


That issue doesn’t have anything to do with Haiku, moreso the fact certain FOSS just isn’t as good as proprietary software and the truth is that it’s pretty much because one is developed as a hobby and although this is in good spirits and they usually tend to it to fix bugs and other things, one is developed almost every single day, as a career to make money and to feed your family. It’s pretty clear one will be more polished and refined. That’s not to say FOSS couldn’t be developed as a career, on a payroll, with a schedule (like how waddlesplash is paid), just saying it usually isn’t and most projects aren’t.