What the goal haiku in 2012?

just want to know what haiku goal in 2012.

Hardware compatibility. ?
HTML 5.?
WPA support. ?
Mesa 3d.?
Or word proccessor. ?

My own opinion is that Haiku (also in alpha release) has a good Hardware compatibility,
by QT porting much things are available (not ever full working :frowning: ),
WPA support and a full working browser (with FLV support)develop, are mandatory By my idea;
all OSes from **nux distro, to hobby-level OS (don’t wanna type in names, we’re talking about Haiku)Have it jet.
and this is a big gap…
But it’s only My opinion…

I can not guess with any accuracy what will be done to Haiku in 2012. I can only tell you what I would like to see! First, 100% HTML 5 compatibility is a must! Since Flash plugin is not available for Haiku, HTML 5 support is critical. Perhaps a working port of gnash would be nice as well.

Another must for me would be more hardware support before Beta 1. Sound still does not work on my 2009 HP pavilion laptop, nor my HP mini 110. Wifi does not work on the HP Mini either. If some Free BSD network drivers can be ported to Haiku, then perhaps others can be ported as well as a stop-gap until native drivers can be developed! Native drivers are always nice!

I have noticed that when I run Bsnow, my cpu usage goes up to almost 100 percent! Hardware acceleration for me is a must as well. I remember back when I was using Windows 98 SE I tried to play a game and it sucked. It sucked because it was using software acceleration. Any potential Haiku has as a gaming platform is dependant on Hardware Acceleration and good graphics drivers.

Another important must for me is a theme-able UI! Haiku’s UI needs to accommodate the wants of its users by having a method to installing new themes. I would not want to change the look of the UI much. I would like some good looking drop shadows behind and to the right of windows and menus for a better 3D effect. Also a semi-transparent window tab and window would be nice!

Others will think of more to add to this list, and perhaps I would also if I thought more about it. I really love this poetic OS.

The interface is clean. The BeTheme Manager could use additional themes – I’ve not seen any new ones after the BeOS5max release. Some of this comes down to Drivers for video cards. Most shadows… could be done with VESA extensions. HTML 5 should be coming. the Port Team(s) were talking about the proposed updates/changes to WebPositive when the change over to git was done.

I have two things that I would like to see the most. First, HTML5 (at least video and audio) support in WebPositive.

The second, even more important thing (for me) would be better graphics hardware support with hardware acceleration and high OpenGL support (would be soooo nice with GL 3.x at least). I am a game developer and would really really like to have my game available on Haiku when they release. Which is maybe sometime 2013 so hopefully by then it’s supported. And if we only get a little bit higher on the OpenGL support we’ll be able to port Blender pretty easily! And that would really be something. Because then I could use Haiku for day to day work!

I guess other things like multi user support will be an important thing, even though I don’t really care about that.

I have two computers: one is exclusively for multimedia and graphic purposes, the other one is for all others activities: chat, email, movies and videoclips watching, office purposes. due to Qt apps i can achieve most of them (I have PSI+ for chat, Qtorrent for files download, MediaPlayer for playing most common media files, BeMail for E-mail).
So, in my humble opinion i’d like to see full support to HTML5 audio/video in browser and a functional Office app. Honestly i am very tired to use Windows, and i don’t like Ububtu/Linux, and most of friends of mine agree with me. So for achieve much of end-users, Haiku should offer most of common “informatic stuff of 2012”, and an Office suite and Html5 are “the missing piece”.

Obviously that’s just my opinion!