What is the other system in the USA?

what is the other system in the USA?
i saw a news.

2023.02 PC system in the USA
Windows take 57.37%
MACOS 29.62%
chrome 7.47%
linux 2.55%
the other 2.97%

so,what is the other?
is it including freebsd+haiku+reactos+amiga ?
or something else?

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I’d guess everything that is not the first four or a derivative. So, yes but include also other BSDs and some other things like QNX.

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Yes, all the rest. Commercial Unix systems, Solaris, Hurd, BSD, DOS, CP/M (on really old hardware) and the (several hundreds of) other OSs that exist.

For example at Osdev.org is a list of OS development projects with 175 entries:

most of them are alpha stage or freezing.
for normal using, it should be the beta stage at least.

this part, i guess:
all bsd > all Solaris > haiku

i remember it is used for driving car, not PC.

ChromeOS is just a Linux distro that boots straight into a fullscreen web browser. It shouldn’t be listed separately.


I mentioned that list only to show that there are many, many “other” OSs and that there is an interesting universe of alternative systems. And btw Haiku is on that list.

Also many alternative OSs exist on non-PC architectures. SBCs, home computers, mainframes, workstations, game consoles and many more.

They asked a lot of US computer users and every answer that didn’t fit into the first four options was filed under “other”.

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haiku 受欢迎程度排名: 60 (181 每日点击次数)
deepin 受欢迎程度排名: 59 (182 每日点击次数)
smartos 受欢迎程度排名: 34 (280 每日点击次数)
freebsd 受欢迎程度排名: 23 (370 每日点击次数)
average number of hits per day (HPD) , counting with DistroWatch.
haiku is the same as deepin.
deepin said “deepin has 3 million users. download 80 million times”(一步一步走向上游的deepin在全球拥有300多万用户,支持33种语言,累计下载量超过8000万次)
so, haiku may also has 3 million users.
check the number of download, it may be the same as 80 million.