What files for boot floppy?

Can anyone tell me what kind of files I need for the Haiku boot floppy image? I checked on “makebootable” from zeta and compared the files and directories used for the boot floppy to the current structure of the hd image. A number of files simply don’t exist, others have different names. So it would be of great help if I knew which files to use for the haiku boot floppy image.

If you already have haiku installed on a partition, couldn’t you use haikulivecdscript at http://bebits.com/app/4378 . Although I believe the script downloads the latest haiku revision from the net, If you don’t have a working connection you could “edit” that part out of the script using a text editor. Let me know.

You can quite easily create a boot floppy if you have a copy of the tree. In the top level folder of the Haiku sources (in the same folder as the readme and the top-level Jamfile) there is a script called makehaikufloppy.