What does the TV program do?

Thats a great solution i think.

The TV has been moved to the haiku-extras package.
If you install the extra package, and want to get rid of the TV app again, you can disable it from the package. The /system/settings/packages file would look something like this:

Package haiku_extras {
	BlockedEntries {

Ok, but now the TV test image is gone too!
Include some Test pic-image in Screen settings?


Speaking about TV apps, I watch BBC Iplayer using GNOME-web. Unfortunately, I am unable to watch any of the other stations i.e ITV, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5 and UKTV play as DRM is not enabled in web, any change this could be enabled by default in web?

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DRM currently can not work on smaller operating systems,as those are not available as open-source software and can’t be recompiled to work on Haiku.
DRM software is always proprietary and restricted to work on a few operating systems.
For example,in desktop web browsers,DRM can only work natively on Windows,macOS on Linux.
Even the BSDs are officially unsupported,but they offer a binary compatibility layer to run the Linux versions of browsers,I suspect the speed might not as good as in the native BSD build of the browser however.

That being said,it’s very unlikely that you’ll see a browser with DRM support on Haiku in the near future.
Maybe some Windows browser with DRM could be tried using Wine,but it will be slow,and from previous experience only rather out-of-date versions of the big browsers could run in Wine.

Thanks for the update

I honestly like the idea of having some IPTV in the app.

Hell. GitHub - iptv-org/iptv: Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world exists to source data from.

Though, this might be a better use for MediaPlayer :expressionless:


MediaPlayer is giving me a lot of Out of Memory errors on those streams. But in principle, a good idea.

Or one could have a Single-Site Browser that goes directly to certain YouTube channels. That’s where I get my CNN, MSNBC, Euronews etc these days anyway.


It would still be a good idea IMO to evolve TV’s purpose into a dedicated IPTV portal and player. At the very least, this would allow for presenting IPTV channels without needing to open a web browser first.

Perhaps what you’re asking for is PWA (Progressive Web App) support in HaikuWebKit (part of WebPositive). Not sure what’s the current progress on that.


If the vids you’re watching are on youtube, try SMTube, it could match your needs.
Another thing to try is the youtube tab of QMplay2. It’s lighter but IIRC less visual.

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If that’s helpful for anything, I created a ticket to add IPTV support to the app.



I find all of this is better done with a NAS DVR app like Emby or Jellyfish today… then its just a web application, that happens to nicely integrate schedules and recording as well in a cross platform way. It also allows me to access the streams away from home as well say if I want to watch a local channel when I am traveling etc…

Not that it would hurt for the TV app to be useful for modern turners, which are mainly the networked HDHomerun devices. Most of the USB ones are not worth bothering with as they load your CPU down with encoding, where most networked devices do that themselves… leaving you a nice compressed stream to deal with on the PC side.

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Maybe drivers for one of those USB TV tuner cards could be developed so it could work with one of those. Or perhaps it could be reworked into some sort of video input capture program in general.


Yes, I was using it with with a brooktree bt878 video chip and with the BeOs program “Exposer” for using S-VHS video-input then.