What BeOS version is now actual what to use?

what BeOS version is now actual what to use?
Haiku OS - the alpha the version, isn’t stable
BeOS 5 PE Max Edition -last official release
BeOS 5.1d0 Exp/Dano - the last officially not quitted version
Yellowtab Zeta 1.5 - modifed BeOS 5.1d0 Exp/Dano version
what to select?

You are going to struggle to get BeOS to run on any modern sort of hardware. Haiku is the only realistic option now.

Hi Gnome,

Michel is correct. BeOS has no drivers for modern PCs. If you want to run BeOS you need an old PC or VMWare.

  • https://www.haiku-os.org/documents/user/how_to_install_beos_under_vmware

YellowTab was never stable even on good hardware.

What is it you are trying to accomplish?


I’ve got BeOS R5.0.3 running in VirtualBox. See http://web.ncf.ca/au829/WeekendReports/20130309.html for details.

- Alex

Have been runing the latest nightlys as my only os for three-four years now and been happy with(Of course there is some bug coming and going).

So i say: Download the latest nightly build and give it a try: