What apps do you need on Haiku?


But isn’t Wonderbrush bitmap-based only?


@Pahefu maybe krita will fit as alternative for inkscape for this moment?


It states that it works with svg like Inkscape does, but i think it’s kind of a muuuuuuuch greater software than inkscape (source is like 10MB vs 233MB on krita source).

If all the qt/kde dependencies are met, then yes, it could work in haiku, more than a GTK software.


…yes but its already on depot…


Hummm I see. I was just moving myself to x64 version of beta1 as dev machine and had old cache for the repo, so it didnt appear. Doublechecked on web depot and saw it.

Great program to have installed then :thinking:


Not sure if it is really working and how well!? (Krita)


Not at all, Wonderbrush is based on vector shapes and realtime filters applied to them. It is not at all designed to edit bitmap graphics, even if you can import and export them, and use them as “objects”. Most of our promotional material (the Haiku logo, flyers, DVD and covers, stickers, etc) is done with Wonderbrush.

Wonderbrush was also the base for Icon-O-Matic, which shares some of its code.

And the new Wonderbrush 2 seems even better, with a true layer tree, easier manipulation of complex layer tasks thanks to a real-time outline preview, rich text editing, etc. I can’t wait for it to become more complete! And it’s open source now, so finally something I can display at free software events :smiley:


Is it not WonderBrush 3? Iirc :slight_smile:


Wonderbrush 2 is open source now.