What about a direct function to resize pictures in right button?

How about a small, fast and easy to use program to resize pictures integrated in right button? ( add-on menu maybe? )
This program is called Image Resizer ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but its very usefull and easy to find/use


The image viewer has an easy resizing command in the menus, but if you’re looking for something like a context menu item, check out the Awesome Resizer Tracker add-on.


On BeOS I used a lot the following add-on


but I don’t know if it works on Haiku currently.

The BeBits download link is dead. You can find it at Haikuware though. The add-on functionality is broken, but it can still be used via “open with…”. The app itself works, but the window layout is a bit off… Maybe Erwan Remot is willing to recompile it under Haiku. Email him if you’re interested in the app.



This is a very (very very) late answer by the maker of Massive Picture Converter.

I didn’t focus much on BeOS, and all of its forks since J.L. Gasset sold off whole stuff to Palm back in 2001.

Well, to be honnest, recompiling the app would require that I find back the sources (which must be hidden in one of my old backups) ; And also that I focus back again on Haiku, which is not the case at present time.

What I enjoyed the most by making this little app, was to be able to do 50% of photoshop’s usage in less than 90KB (32 KB to be more precise).

Whatever, any people with basic dev knowledge, could do this with even better results, as long they spend time to study the framwork.


Erwann REMOT

PS: btw MPC app is still available at http://www.cyb-host.com/BeOS/projets.html (what ? very oldschool ? erm yes, prolly)

Hi Erwann!

Should you ever discover the source code of your old BeOS apps, it’d be nice if you donated it to HaikuArchives. Maybe someone will update it to Haiku, adding a vector icon, using layout management and localization etc. Nice Google Code-In tasks, maybe.