Wep and shutdown failure

Hi, i’m a new Haiku user!
I’ve installed Haiku (revision 40074) on my HP Pavilion dv4000. All works perfectly: the video card works with his own driver and wifi too works!
And for now i never see a KDL (in the R1 Alpha2 Version i saw various KDL!)
But i have a trouble with shutdown (and restart too): the system hangs when the shutdown window say: “asking other process to quit”. So i have to turn off the notebook by the power button! So, at the next reboot all my settings are lost!

In the various lines of the syslog file i see this error message:
"KERN: module: Search for drivers/power/acpi_embedded_controller/device_v1 failed."
Is about the shutdown failure?
How can i resolve?

I have another question about the wifi connection: if i set my router with wep (64 bit) security, the wireless card won’t connect (with the open wifi, works perfectly)… Why?
I’ve tried: " ifconfig /dev/net/iprowifi220/0 join mywifi mypassword" but doesn’t work… Is from here: http://www.haiku-os.org/guides/daily-tasks/wireless
And i’ve also tried to create the text file ““wireless_networks”” in /boot/common/settings/network/ (obviously with the name of network and with password too) but doesn’t works for me…

Thank you very much!!

p.s: I’m sorry for my non perfect english…

Hi Giova,

There is no encryption yet to my knowledge for WiFi with Haiku.

I don’t know about the kernel panic problem.

Good luck, Nick

Maybe ACPI is causing issues for you. Try safe-mode. Hold down [SHIFT] when Haiku starts booting. Disable ACPI in safe-mode and see how things work.

For wireless. wifitopia=SSID mypassword=your password
Make sure you spell everything right with no mistakes. Try with and without space at end of mypassword.

Ascii password
ifconfig /dev/net/iprowifi3945/0 join wifitopia mypassword

64-bit hex password
ifconfig /dev/net/iprowifi3945/0 join wifitopia 0x4010FABEEF

Maybe a bug if you can’t get it to work. I think the iprowifi2200 is Haiku WiFi driver. The other WiFi adapters are taken from BSD.

Hello, I tried to disable ACPI in the boot menu and also in the kernel file, but the problem remains… But only for one time it’s rebooted properly (but with ACPI enabled).
The wifi does not connect either via the command line, nor with the file “wireless_networks” …
Maybe there’s some bugs with laptop’s hardware?


Ok: this is a know bug: #3868 (Hang on shutdown/reboot (synaptics related?)) – Haiku