Well played clerks

I have the latest iso running natively. Nice :slight_smile: Sound works, network works (It didnt work right off the bat. DHCP wouldnt get an ip address at first, but it seems to have found one at some point because suddenly networking works.). I cant tell if it detected my radeon or not, but if its running on vesa its running really damn fast compared to Be with visa. Im amazed at just how much it feels like the original Be OS. All it needs is BeIDE back :slight_smile:

If you type in the terminal ls /dev/graphics you should see the drivers that recognize your graphic chip. Note, that there might be more than one that is listed, but Iโ€™m not sure how to tell which one is the active one (without trial and error removing them). I think itโ€™s likely though if something other than vesa is listed that the vesa driver is not the preferred one.

One quick way I know to find which one is being used by app-server is to:

listimage | grep accel

Which will generally list which accelerants are loaded (they all have accel in the filename)

It is entirely possible that a driver will load, but the accelerant for it will notโ€ฆ thatโ€™s usually a bug, however :slight_smile: