Weird Wifi issue

On my cheap dual core Lenovo laptop (purchased at Best Buy to get used to Windows 8), Haiku x86 runs fine. Wifi works perfectly, etc. When I try to boot Haiku x86_64 CD, it crashes to KDL, with a “network” issue. If I unplug the Wifi card, Haiku x86_64 boots fine. Both versions are rather recent and recent to each other.

In looking at the directories, the 64-bit Haiku has all the same drivers as the 32-bit Haiku, so why the crash?

I won’t be much help but would love some insight in this area as well. I have a WinXP era Dell laptop with intelprowifi2200. Networking worked awesome for about two hours, but prior to and after those couple hours it makes 2400 baud dialup seem like the best thing ever.

The right place to report bugs is at .

@Luposian: the drivers are the same (mostly - we currently don’t ship drivers for very old hardware like 3dfx video cards for 64bit machines because that would be an unlikely setup), but we may have missed a case where 64bit needs special handling. For example, some hardware can only works with 32bit addresses and we need to make sure we do not try to let the hardware access memory outside the range it can reach.

If you get a KDL, please take a picture of it and open a bugreport.