Website suggestions/mock up

Hi, the Haiku website is mostly great (what a logo!) but I have a few suggestions that I think would improve it.

  1. Remove the grey margins. Personally I think this looks unattractive and they are far too big. I think it would be better if the color was changed to white, and the size of the margins reduced.

  2. Remove the right hand side menu. It only has three items in it, but takes up a lot of space for those three items. It would be more efficient if the menu were removed and those items were placed at the bottom, centered just above the copyright notice.

  3. Gentle shading for the left hand side menu and the main text body. Helps break-up the “whiteness” of the page, giving a little more definition. There could also be a dotted black border on the right hand side of the left menu.

  4. Changing the font. Personally I like the one I’ve used in the above mock up. There’s nothing fatally wrong with the current one, this is just a personal preference that you may or may not agree with. Also note how I’ve made the “Learn” text two points larger than the rest of the menu items.

Other, non-illustrated ideas

  1. The leaf image, although nice, takes up a lot of space. It might be worth considering instead making instead a greyscale, mostly transparent set of leaves to be placed in the far right of the page as a background, in a similar technique to what this guy has done on his page: Enlightenment also had something similar on their old website.

  2. Streamlining the menus e.g. merging “Newsletter archives” and “Newsletter”, as well as “Our goals” and “Our status”

  3. It also might be a good idea to use some sort of dividers between news stories.

  4. An RSS feed for the news might be nice.

  5. It might be a good idea (closer to release perhaps?) to actually put what Haiku is on the front page. At the moment there’s nothing that really indicates it’s a piece of software, let alone an operating system.

Anywho, there’s my comments. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

I can’t see the image, have another shot at it, Harry :smiley:

Edit: Oh there you go, it just tooks a while…

…but the only thing that deserves improvement -IMHO- isn’t on the frontpage but at the top of these forumpages, i.e. the menu starting with ‘Forum Index’, ‘Profile’ etc. Someone has pointed this out earlier and nothing has changed, so it’s probably not considered important enough.

All good ideas, thanks for the input.

Right now I’m actually recoding a lot of the backend of the site. Once I’m done, the layout will get a slight update, although I doubt the leaf image is going to be changed.

I agree with most. Good observations and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Dirty Harry wrote:
4. An RSS feed for the news might be nice.

RSS feed(s) already exist!

Look here for more info:

So just had this small line in the Haiku website header :wink:

<link rel=“alternate” TITLE=“Haiku RSS” href=“rss.php?channel=news” type=“application/rss+xml” />

Same on the forum, but with rss.php?channel=forums

This could help :wink:

RSS Rework is on my list of things to do with the new backend. I need to do a big more digging on popular RSS subformats and stuff so that the feeds work better in readers.

I have had some thoughts on how I would like the website to be and they are nothing like the current design.

You can see my mockup here

The design is XHTML Strict + CSS.

If you’re using Firefox you can switch between the various styles using the ‘View->Page Style’ menu option.

The site also scales quite nicely using the Ctrl and + and Ctrl and - keys

Not all pages have content but you should get the general idea.

Simon Kennedy

Nice suggetion stonewolf 8) Maybe your menu could use the others Haiku’s colors (Green, Orange and Yellow)