Webpositve: Pages dont load fast...or..network slow

I have two laptops with Atheros wifi…Lenovo T400 loaded with voidlinux, LenovoG50-70 loaded with Haiku-OS
Generally, Haiku-OS is slower on lenovo G50-70…This is a dual booting laptop, Haiku ?windows7…webpages on Windows7 also loads faster…
So far, on Haiku, I have not been able to login to disroot.org…page loads very slowly
But on Windows7 I have logged in many times without issues

Lenovo T400 Void linux laptop also loads pages faster… logged in to disroot from here also

My mobile wifi-hotspot is my internet…while voidlinux, windows 7 works fine on 5GHz band, Haiku failes to identify my mobile wifi hot-spot on 5Ghz…When I change my band to 2.4GHz, Haiku recognizes my wifi hot-spot

I do not know if Haiku-os is slower because it is on 2.4GHz…or the reason is something else?

Any suggestions / work-around for this issue? .

Have you tried multiple browsers or only Webpositive?
If only Webpositive, maybe also try GNOME Web/epiphany or Otter Browser.
GNOME Web ist currently the best browser for Haiku which is quite fast and has best compatibility with webpages.
Otter Browser also loads relatively fast but has some more compatibility issues, still worth a try.

I like native applications…so using only webpositive

Atheros AR9565 wifi card on Lenovo G50-70…it cannot detect 5GHz networks…so…

Looks like I willhave to live with2.4GHz…